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Shane and his family move 11,800 km to the Beautiful Country of New Zealand. Follow here to enjoy the journey with them!

Disneyland – New Zealand Pt. 7

Shane —  December 16, 2011 — 2 Comments
Inspiring Family
My wife and I had this idea to help enroll the kids in getting rid of toys for the move.  We told the kids we were having a garage sale and whatever money we made at that we would use for a trip to Disneyland.  It worked great.  They were enrolled, excess toys were sold and the day before we flew out to New Zealand we went to Disneyland.FUN!

The happiest place on earth they call it.  There was a point during the day that I was definitely questioning that.  It was dinner time and if eating and taking a break didn’t recharge the family we were going to be calling it a day.  The kids had done great (and so had the parents I might add); however, they were crashing fast.  We got our food at the cafeteria and set out to find a table that would fit 6 of us.

Straight away I saw a couple getting ready to go.  As I approach the table they were standing up and I said what great timing.  They agreed saying yes perfect timing.  The only problem was I saw this young lady running for the table.  I was blocked by the couple leaving and the girl quickly sat down at the table.

I was soooo not impressed.  I said “gee thanks for that” as I walked off pushing my baby in the stroller.  The girl wouldn’t even look at me and neither would her boy friend as he joined her at the table.  We walked around for 5 minutes or more looking for a table that would fit 6.  The longer I looked the madder I got.  Finally we found a table we could make work.

One thing I noticed, after getting some food in me and calming down, was that the madder I got about the situation the more negative things I was seeing.  (The table was filthy and we had to clean it before we could sit down, the kids at the table near us were very loud, the food was expensive…and the list goes on.)

Realizing this I decided I was not going to let this bother me anymore.  We were here to have fun and that was what I was going to focus on.  The next thing I noticed was that the line to get into the cafeteria was now 5 times longer than it was when we had gotten there and that the noisy kids near us had left.  Wow, I felt better already.

Wayne Dyer says “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”  I am glad to say the meal recharged all of us and we partied with Mickey and the gang late into the night.  It was a great day.

Road Trip – New Zealand Pt. 6

Mike —  December 14, 2011 — Leave a comment
Sharing Experiences

Leaving Colorado Springs and heading over the Rockies.  We have such different perspectives on it, and also many of the same.  We decided to share it at the same time. . . let’s see how this works.

Mike:  Shane, Tommo (Shane’s 5 year old son) and I started out on an 800 mile adventure. The master of packing up the car, Shane, loaded it to the gills and off we went.

You know my first stop was Starbucks, where we ended up with a misunderstanding of what I ordered and a two for one deal.  In the process of adding sugar to one, let’s just say, I ended up wearing some of it, and we weren’t even out of town.  So, yes, you got it, we were laughing already.

Tommo: ( Sorry, he has lots to say, however, he is listening to Monster Mash on the ipod. )

Shane:  After two Mountain Dews and one venti Americano (with sugar, shaken, stirred and spilled on Mike), I’m wishing I installed a catheter.

The drive was about hanging out with Tommo and Mike, creating memories and enjoying the drive across a beautiful country. On road trips, as in life, sharing the journey with others creates a more fulfilling and enjoyable experience.  Have fun and bring others along!

Mike:   Love it Shane.  It was all about the experience.  My first time through the Rockies was way more fun with you and Tommo and all of our FB and Blog friends.  Won’t be forgetting this anytime soon.

We’ll share more in a couple of days.

What experience has been enhanced because you shared it?
Are there any areas of your life that you are journeying alone and could bring others along to share it with you?

inspirational motivational


I’m not a big fan of saying goodbyes.  I would rather do a “see you later” type of farewell.  Of course, going away parties are part of the whole moving experience which means saying goodbye or see you later is the end result as the party draws to a close.

It was interesting watching how different people went about saying their farewell.  Some avoided it, others embraced the goodbye and shared from the heart, while others, like myself, did the “see ya later” style. (I guess saying goodbye sounds too permanent.)

As the leaving date came closer the more of these I got to experience.  I know that I will be back to visit and I also know with the Internet it is now easier than ever to stay connected; however, this didn’t seem to make it easier.

Saying goodbye to my family on the last day was the hardest.  Realizing how things were going to change, with the physical distance we would be apart, I starting having regrets for things I wished I had done.  “I should have”… spent more time with my family, told them I love them more often, etc.  This line of thinking is all about the past and I couldn’t change any of it.  It is what it is.  Besides, someone once told me, “never should on yourself.”  All I can do about it is learn from it and make any necessary changes.

Another line of thought was “I can’t wait to get this over with”.  Basically, I was looking to the future because I didn’t want to deal with the feelings of the present moment, I didn’t want to say goodbye.  One minute I’m regretting not spending enough time with them and the next I’m wish that the present moment would be over fast.

The time had come, I had stalled as long as I could, it was time to say goodbye.

The time of saying goodbye was hard and it also was awesome.  I felt loved and blessed to have had the time I had with my family and I cherish the memories.  I physically left family and friends behind and I took the memories with me.  The relationships will continue even though they may look different for the moment.  Not to mention, there’s always skype.

Quality of Life, Great Friends

Quality of Life is about Quality of Relationships. 

Great friends head to New Zealand!
Last night was the night!  Our friend Shane and his beautiful wife and amazing kids are jumping on an airplane and heading to New Zealand – and if you are reading this early, they are still flying!  I was blessed to meet Shane’s wife and kids in the last few weeks.  As they traverse the ocean and land in a far away island nation, I am impressed with a few thoughts about friends.

Quality of Life is about Quality of Relationships.  
If you have friends and family that you are close to and are encouraged by, life can be very rich.  If, on the other hand, you stay distant and disconnected, life can be lonely.  We are created to be in relationships with family and friends.

What then, brings quality relationships?
In Proverbs 18:24 the Bible says that to have friends, one must show themselves friendly.
True friendship is a two way street.  If you have lots of friends, I am confident you are a good friend.

I have made several life long friends by washing dishes at parties and events, really!  Why?  Because not many people expect it, and a conversation almost always follows.  It’s a way of serving others and it’s a way of BEing friendly and making friends.  What ways have you made friends?

Friends forever?
How long do your friends stay in your life?  A week, a year, or 20 years?  I have many friends that have come into my life for several years and then I don’t talk to regularly.  And, when we do talk again its as if no time has passed.  The thing is, we both know, that if something comes up, we can count on each other.  Think about those you haven’t talked to in a while, could you pick up the phone and count on them?  Could they count on you?

What do you focus on?
In your relationships, do you focus on the gifts and skills of your family and friends?  Or do you focus on their short-comings?  If you are focused on their short-comings, then I am going to suggest you look in the mirror and ask yourself why.  I promise you, this is more about you than them.

If you are focusing on their gifts and skills, your relationships have a great opportunity to thrive and be an encouragement to both sides.  You will build them up and they will likely build you up in return.  Is this how you treat your friends?  How about your family?

Are they really gone?
Shane and his beautiful family have flown half way around the globe tonight.  Are they gone?  In this day of amazing communication opportunities, no one has to be out of our lives.  You make the choice whether you keep in touch with those you love.  So, want close relationships?  That’s up to you where ever people might be.

Here is something very special.  Great friends are seldom truly lost.  More correctly, they are on loan.  When friends have moved a bit out of our life, you can be sure they are being a blessing to those in their new surroundings and are BEing friends to others, some who may really need them.  Likely you are doing the same!

So, McGuire family, you are loved.  And thanks to Skype you are not that far away.  Enjoy New Zealand, bless those there as you have blessed us.  And we will keep in touch in these very pages.

Create Quality of Life through your relationships today!
Be a great friend this day to someone you don’t know!

P.S. When Shane gets his feet back on the ground, we get to hear about the family’s trip to Disneyland!  I don’t know about you, I know I can’t wait!

Inspirational and Motivational

We have only been in the States for four years now, how on earth did we get this much STUFF ?!?!  Long before the details of the move were planned we were asking ourselves this question.One of the issues of moving overseas is figuring out whether it is worth shipping things over or just buying new stuff when you get there.  We have four kids, which means anything we own is probably not worth shipping.  So, it was time to get rid of things.  (Sell, give away, or throw out)  It was an interesting process as we looked at how much we owned and sorted through what we thought we really needed.The process is now completed and this family of 6 is moving to New Zealand with 16 boxes/suitcases, that’s it.This is what I noticed in the process:

Before getting ready to move my thinking was “I need this or that, I wish I had one of those.”  Once it came to thinning out for a move, I was thinking “Look at all this stuff we have!”.  What’s wrong with this picture?

There was something comforting about simplifying my life.  I became content with what I had instead of feeling like I was lacking and needed more.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying there is anything wrong with having a lot of things.  However, when we got honest with ourselves as to what we really needed, it was very freeing.  To realize how simply we could live was a shift in my thinking.

When we get to New Zealand, obviously, we will be acquiring more stuff.  (It’s nice to sit on furniture instead of the floor)  However, if we can’t be content with what we have now it doesn’t matter how much more we get, we still won’t be content.  So yes, we have a wish list in mind for our new house in New Zealand and we have realized that being content has nothing to do with whether we get the things on that list or not.

By the way, does anybody have any packing tape?  I just ran out.

Taking Action – New Zealand Pt. 2

Shane —  November 30, 2011 — 6 Comments

“You can’t steer a ship that is not in motion.”

We moved to the United States on May 22, 2007, from New Zealand,  knowing we would be here for 2 or 3 years.  At 3 years, my wife was pregnant with our youngest son so we postponed the return.

A while after our son Cade was born we sent emails to our friends in New Zealand to let them know we were going to be moving back there.  We said if they knew of places to live or jobs available to please let us know.  At that point in time we got no concrete offers.

We were clear that we were going to move back; however, we didn’t know where in New Zealand we were going, when we would go, what the job would be, or how any of this happen.

It seemed like a lot of people didn’t understand how we could commit to make the move without these things being in place.  We had our moments of doubt as well, but in the end, we took action anyway.

We had enough frequent flyer miles to purchase two tickets and were not sure where the other tickets would come from.  We were gifted additional frequent flyer miles by a family member, these were enough to purchase three more ticket.   The only date that worked to get all five tickets with the frequent flyer miles was December 4, 2011.  As we took action things got more clear and things started to fall into place.

Friends in New Zealand offered to help us find the right home and automobile.   Those things are waiting for us on our arrival.
Calls came from other friends with job offers and I now have work in New Zealand.

Once we were committed and took action, we began to move forward.  And while the path didn’t appear the way we thought it would, we still moved toward our destination.

“You can’t steer a ship that isn’t in motion, and the journey to the destination isn’t a straight line.”

Communication – New Zealand Pt. 1

Shane —  November 28, 2011 — 1 Comment

Shane and his family are moving from Colorado Springs, Colorado to Snells Beach, New Zealand.  We will share the journey with you via the blog.  Lessons learned, the fun, the adventure, etc as they traverse 7,350 miles or 11,800 kilometers.


Planning the Move:

Picture this, me, Shane – fly by the seat of my pants, shoot from the hip type of guy and my wife – planner, organizer and an accounting background.

Not only are we two different mind-sets, we are also obviously male and female.  Now we are planning a move to the other side of the world.  Do you see any potential communication challenges?

My wife has the next thirty steps planned and me, I get started and then plan as I go.  We were both heading the same direction with the same goal in mind, however we were going at it in our own way and not working together.

When we plan together, as my wife is so good at doing, then if something comes up in the process, I can handle that using my strengths. Now of course this makes sense.  However, it requires communication (listening is included in that I have been told) and some “give and take” to make this work.

We did not start out with this communication.  Instead we went for the frustrated approached.  Team work was non-existent and our relationship was stressed to say the least.  I’m glad to say we didn’t stay with this approach.    We realized that it’s not about one person being right and the other one wrong.  The  approaches are simply different and whether they work to our advantage or disadvantage is determined by how we look at them and apply them to our relationship.

We chose to use our strengths together to get to the end result.  The key to the change for us was communication.