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How Your Mindsets Drive You

Shane —  January 23, 2012 — Leave a comment

Mindsets Inspiration Motivation

We all talk to ourselves. A major key to success exists in what we say to ourselves, which helps to shape our attitude and mindset.  ~Darren L. Johnson

The other day I stopped to pick up a friend and as we left I pulled into the right hand lane and took off.  Now if I was still in the States this would have been fine; however, in New Zealand we drive on the left side of the road.  Let me re-word that, in New Zealand they drive on the left side of the road and I’m supposed to as well.

My friend was quick to say “other side of the road, Mate”.  Unfortunately, I didn’t hear him.  “What did you say?” was my response as I got up to speed in the right hand lane.  This time his reply was slightly more animated as he informed me I was IN THE WRONG LANE!  He hadn’t quite finished his response when I noticed a car in my lane heading towards me.  I soon figured out that it was actually I, who was in HIS lane.  So with a quick turn of the steering wheel and a friendly wave to the other car we continued down the road in the LEFT lane.

My internal response was a feeling of embarrassment and shame, (that is an old mindset from school days, “mistakes are embarrassing, shameful and means I’m dumb”) I thought, I’m not going there.  Instead, I cracked up laughing.  My passenger just looked at me in shock, checked his seat belt, shook his head and smiled a big smile.

In this event I had two different mindsets come into play.   Both of which can have a negative affect on my life as  well as the life of others.

The first mindset was, driving on the right hand side of the road.  Obviously, I am highly motivated to make sure I drive on the left side of the road.  The consequences and results of this non-supporting mindset are obvious.

The second was, how I define what a mistake means.  With this mindset the consequences and results are a bit more subtle even though they can be just as damaging to my life.   The question to me is, how motivated and aware am I of changing this old thought pattern.

Mindsets are constantly running our lives whether they are supporting us or not.   How motivated are you to change yours?


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“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”   ~ Wayne Dyer

After writing the “Insights from the seat of a John Deere” blog, the environment at work changed for me.  I must admit, I didn’t think things would shift that quickly.  The results were miraculous.  I see him completely different, and that’s not because he changed.  I changed.

I stopped expecting him to change into what I felt a proper working companion should look like.   Instead I changed the only person I have the power to change.  Me.  Before I had blamed him for the working environment, now I take responsibility for what I bring to it.

What transpired for me is best explained with Wayne Dyers above quote.

The way I look at Him now has changed and because of that, what I see has changed.  It is as if he is a different man.  And from my perspective we both are.

A friend of mine, who owns a lawn mowing business, asked me if I wanted to do some work for him while he went away on holiday. I said “Yes, thank you”, as I looked forward to riding on a big John Deere lawn mower while listening to my IPOD. Little did I know how much of a challenge that job would be. It wasn’t the mowing that was the challenge. It was one of the other employees that was.

He was in his mid to late 20’s, knew everything and had done everything, was always right and talked to me like I was incapable of doing anything right, on top of that he was negative, arrogant and narcissistic. The kind of guy everybody wants to work with. At least that was my experience of him. (Gee I’m not judgmental or self righteous eh?)

I felt that what I needed to do was to look for things that I liked about him. The first thing that came to mind was, he is an opportunity for me to grow. Then it hit me, “boy that sounds holier than thou”. YUCK! “Oh my. . . no. . . it can’t be . . . he can not be like me?” I am NOT like that!!! (Hmmm, maybe my experience of him says more about me than it does about him)

The things I saw in him that bothered me, may or may not be present in my character and one thing is for sure, I am no better than him. I have my own faults and flaws. I’m not perfect, so who am I to expect perfection from others. I would like people to extend me grace and have patience with me as I grow and mature. Which in turn, means choosing to extend grace and patience to others.

So I can choose to be offended by what I deem “wrong” in him or realize that there is a bit of me in Him (or Him in me) and extend grace; which would benefit both of us.

Amazing what can be learned on a John Deere mower.

I am Ready to Scream!

Shane —  January 13, 2012 — Leave a comment
At Peace & Attitude Change

I am on hold with the phone/internet company as I write this blog. As worked up as I am getting, I decided I am going to change how I am looking at this. If I don’t, things are only going to get worse as my attitude is getting worse every minute I am on hold. (Oh, aaarrrggghh! And now I got disconnected)

Let me bring you up to speed on what is going on. I am attempting to get internet and a land line phone hooked up at our new place. It has been almost 2 weeks since we started this process. Tonight it is supposed to be all hooked up and ready to go. And it’s NOT working! I called the company from my cell phone to find out what was going on, only to get disconnected 4 of the 5 times I called. Now I am off the phone with them after being told that the department I need to talk to is closed for the night and I could call first thing in the morning. Okay, the situation hasn’t got any better yet.

So writing this blog didn’t solve my internet/phone problem, but it did shift my attitude. When I did actually talk to a human on the phone I was nice and we even laughed in the end. That wouldn’t have happen at the start of the call. I must admit, I am disappointed that the situation didn’t change and it can’t get resolved until tomorrow morning at the earliest. Even though I changed my attitude, my circumstance didn’t change; however, my response to it did. And as I sit here typing this, I am now at peace about the outcome.

And if you are reading this, that means I got internet and phone working at my house.


The View from Our New Home in New Zealand!

We arrived in New Zealand on Dec 6 and stayed with friends until Dec 21 which is when our house came available.  (A huge thank you to the Morgan’s and the Reynolds for all that you guys did for us)  I can’t say we’re totally moved in yet (as we are still without furniture, like dining room table, chairs, etc) however, even though it’s a bit like camping in a house, it is still home.  And it is good to be here.

Moving countries has been a bit of a roller coaster ride.  Ups, downs, hairpin corners, some of which were expected and others were completely out of the blue.  We never got thrown from the ride on an unexpected corner; however, there may have been a time when we wanted off the ride.  But, I know I chose this ride when we decided to move. I could either enjoy it and keep heading in the direction of our goal (with hands in the air and laughing) or complain and worry about it (which does no good).  I suppose jumping off was an option too; however, that was definitely not headed in the direction of our goal.  (Not to mention, the landing can be detrimental to ones health)  All in all it was a fun journey, though I am not planning on doing it again.  🙂

Of course, that ride ended and a new one starts.  The newest ride is me re-learning to drive on the left side of the road.  And it is an exciting ride!

Eyes of a Child – New Zealand Pt 9

Mike —  December 21, 2011 — 1 Comment

Inspired and Excited

Shane and I arrived with Tommo in Las Vegas on a Sunday night. We made great time and had alot of fun on the drive. The next morning through a Herculean feat and the Grace of God, the rest of the family arrived at the airport at 7 a.m. . . yeah, if you do the math, they were out of the house by like 3 a.m.

The airport had all kinds of excitement even at that early hour. Of course, one bag somehow missed the flight so, while that was being handled, I went to find the nearest Starbucks. . . I know, you can’t believe that! The coolest thing is that Shane’s three year old son, Jake, went with me!

We found the Starbuck’s just a 100 feet away, right there in baggage claim – my kind of airport. We waited in line, and of course, at 3 years old that gets boring fast. Jake saw the escalator and was in total awe. He squatted down and just watched as the stairs disappeared into the floor. He was mesmerized by it and I just stood there watching and grinning. Is that the coolest thing or what? The innocence of a child, the wonderment of every little thing, and joy in the simplest things.

And sometime between 3 years old and, ahem, where ever you are now, it is very easy to lose that. The are a couple of things in our life that remind us of that time. A couple of times we have an opportunity to relive it. One of those for me, is every time I walk through the gates at Disneyland. Another of those, for many people, is Christmas time.

Here we are. It’s Christmas. Kids all around with a twinkle in their eye and waiting for Santa. Will you let the twinkle inspire you? With child like wonderment, what will you experience next?

Connected and Inspired

Wow, do we live in a connected world or what?

Traveling from Colorado Springs to Las Vegas, Shane and Tommo and I passed over Hoosier Pass at 11,500 feet.  Can you believe we still had cell service?  Sheesh, folks we had cell service where there were only trees for restrooms. I was posting pictures on Facebook while surrounded by 14,000 foot mountain peaks.  Amazing.

My first impression of this is that it was so cool to have cell service and internet at 11,500 ft.  The more I thought about it, the more I wonder what price we are paying for this.  It always amazes me when people camp where there is cell and Internet service – it seems like a tent and a cell phone should never be used together.  This journey shows me that it is getting more difficult to be anywhere that we can simply unplug.

Shane, Tommo and I had a tremendous 13 hour drive.  We definitely connected and had great conversations (and for those of you who know us, that means a ton of laughs).  We also shared a bit of the journey with those of you on Facebook who chose to follow along.

We have entered a time where we are connected by phone, text and Internet to friends all over the world.  The good side of this is easy to see.  What about the “not so good”?  We have all been in a room full of people where most everyone is texting or talking on the phone.  My question is this, how can we be “in the moment” in that room, with the people there, if we are disconnected from them completely?

There are people all around us that could use a smile or a caring word.  Especially during the holidays, there will be people with needs of all sorts standing right next to you.  Will you be texting and talking on your cell phone?  or being a blessing and an encouragement to those in the same room with you?  You will miss your next most important business associate or best friend if you don’t connect to the people around you.

Another observation.  This same scenario can happen in your own living room.  Will your family times in the next few weeks be times of connection?  or a time when you and the kids will set a new record for text message usage?

This is the finally stretch into Christmas!  That smile YOU share, just might make YOUR day!