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Tammy Linton —  November 24, 2011 — Leave a comment


Shane and I are pleased to have a Guest Blogger this Thanksgiving Day!  We welcome our friend, Tammy Linton and a great word on Gratitude.


Gratitude can have a profound effect on our perspective, altering the way we look at an experience. Gratitude is the prelude to love. It is love in action.   

My son recently received his Eagle Scout, although not without a lot of complications along the way. He struggled with his troop, the unit committee denied him twice, and then the time sensitive project was scraped.  I gave up all hope in ever seeing my son as an Eagle Scout.

As my son and I battled over picking up the pieces and trying one more time.  An amazing man, Craig McHood, stepped up and talked my son into trying one more time.  With an extremely grateful heart, I accepted his help and backed off for a bit. A new project was created and we went again to the unit committee, only to be denied again.  Oh the agony of defeat…

Craig once again, told me that all would be ok and he would take a hold of this broken kid and build him up again.  I was devastated for my son and cried as my heart broke for the agony that he felt in his rejection.  Craig put my son back in front of the unit committee and groomed him to perfection. He was accepted!!!

The next step was approval from the District advancement committee, they denied him.  My son had gained enough confidence that he told them that with or without approval he would move forward with his project, they felt his passion and he left with approval.  His project was a huge success. His passion and drive were rekindled because of Craig. I will forever be grateful to this man.

Expressing gratitude has a healing and cleansing nature. I found that as I expressed gratitude towards Craig, this experience became easier to deal with, and it was very healing towards my relationship with my son.

Vaughn E Worthen, PH.D. Associate Director, counseling and career center, BYU said, “…research shows that cultivating and practicing gratitude can reduce symptoms in cases of mild and moderate depression and anxiety.  Practicing gratitude can also lead to increases in optimism, vitality, happiness, a sense of well-being, and a greater satisfaction with life.”  I experienced more optimism for sure, while Craig supported and encouraged my son to complete his Eagle Scout Project.

Dr. Worthen continues, “Those with higher levels of gratitude are viewed as more empathetic and supportive, more forgiving, and more likely to assist others.  They thus enjoy better quality relationships.”  As I am grateful for Craig, I now see that he is the true example of a person who practicing true gratitude.  Our lives will always be filled with challenges and stresses, no matter what our circumstances.

Let us choose to express and experience gratitude and may we fill our days with the things that matter most, the people around us.  And Thanks again Craig for loving our family enough to support our son in achieving his EAGLE!