About Us

Welcome to Unshakeable Belief.

We have spent the last 5 years coaching people to achieve higher levels in their life.  It is our desire to be a resource to encourage people to continue that journey.

Currently we provide: blogs, quotes, stories, videos, keynote speaking and seminars.  These are delivered through our web channels at unshakeablebelief.com, our FaceBook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Youtube pages.

We invite you to join us on this journey.


Shane McGuire, the Founder of High Impact Speakers, is a powerful storyteller, teacher, and life coach whose messages are inspiring, entertaining, and life changing.

As an avid outdoors man, Shane’s passions include skiing, hunting, mountain biking, rock climbing, spear fishing, traveling, and enjoying life with his wife and four energetic young children.

Since 1998, Shane has inspired groups in New Zealand, Australia, Fiji, Holland, and the USA. Contact Shane today to find out how he can customize inspiration for your organization.


Mike Enos has been working in corporate American for the last 35 years in all forms of middle and upper management.  Starting in retail and landing in manufacturing, Mike enjoys all forms of business and the processes of growing them.

Mike is an experienced life coach.  Always the optimist, he is an encouragement to everyone he comes in contact with, leading others to create great things in their own life.

Mike is a lover of Jesus, nature and design.  He is fascinated by the God given abilities in each of us and the pursuit of fully utilizing those abilities.  Mike aims to help everyone he knows along this journey, and now you too through this website.