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How do you define Success? Four ways to get Fired Up!

Have you ever thought about how our definition of success changes over time?

Inspiration and Motivation for YOU!

An example would be the difference between a six year old hoping to ride his bike by himself, a 17 year old passing his finals to graduate high school and a 22 year old landing his first “real” job out of college. The differences are obvious and each of these things hopefully get celebrated.

Later in life these “successes” may get missed, in fact, even ignored. No,no, I’m not talking about milestones like marriage, births, graduations. I’m talking about earning a certain amount of money, hiking a certain trail, running 5 miles, etc.

I find that we easily reset to the next goal, sometimes just before we reach what we are after. I can remember running 5 miles and thinking it wasn’t good enough. Then I wanted to run 7 miles. Just a few weeks before, 5 miles seemed like a gigantic accomplishment

Here are four ways to RADICALLY FIRE UP your life and start creating in life what you really want!  Don’t get me wrong. It is great, even necessary, that we push ourselves to the next big goal to move our life forward. You probably know me well enough to know that’s what I am all about. I’m just asking you not to gloss over your accomplishments – use them.

1. DEFINE SUCCESS FOR YOU TODAY! Allow yourself to journal on what is important to you today! Sit down and start writing, no punctuation, no rules. Just write. See what you come up with.

2. WRITE DOWN YOUR GOALS! Don’t skip this step! In fact, over do this step. Studies have shown over and over that people who write down their goals accomplish much more than people who don’t . And make sure you have a time frame for completion too!

  • Bonus tip one: Don’t type them, WRITE them. You will be more connected to them and you might even be surprised what you write. So WRITE them down.
  • Bonus tip two: Want to be in overdrive? Write them down Every Morning and Every Evening! Watch how you become super focused and power through them.
  • Bonus tip three: If it is written down, it’s hard to ignore that you accomplished it.

3. CELEBRATE YOUR ACCOMPLISHMENTS! Savoring the moment, celebrating the victory and patting yourself on the back are great ways to enjoy the accomplishment of completing a goal. The added benefit is, you can use that celebration to propel you to the next goal that you set

Because you wrote it down first, you didn’t reset the goal and miss the celebration! You made a goal, accomplished the goal, celebrated the accomplishment and now you are onto the next great goal for your life!

4. HERE’S HELP WHEN YOU ARE STRUGGLING! Maybe you set big goals and don’t accomplish them or give up? Is that you? And when you read things about goal setting you always think it works for other people but not you. Well, that simply isn’t the truth.

Here’s a tip that works for me EVERY TIME.
Set smaller goals that will get accomplished easier.
Then use the MOMENTUM of accomplishing the easier tasks to move up steadily to those bigger accomplishment.

Here’s an example.
You want to clean out the garage. You have had the goal for a few weeks and nothing seems to be happening. PERFECT. . . let’s tear this down.

  • Sweep the garage and replace burned out lights.
  • Take on that big shelf in the back of the garage.
  • Clean up the work bench so it is functional again.
  • Up in the rafters now, let’s get rid of three boxes from up there.

Hopefully you get the picture. Maybe you do one of those each weekend, or one a day or all in one day. Whatever works for you, when you start marking off those goals and celebrating them, you will be done before you know it.

What is Success to you today?   (related post on Success!)

What goal will you write down to move you toward that?



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Who’s Plan Anyway?

Mike —  January 9, 2012 — Leave a comment

What’s next for you?

Many of you might have been asking yourself this for the last week, being that the calendar just turned a new year.   What answers did you get?

Will you run harder, better, faster than the past year?
Will you rest in knowing that you are on the right path?
Will you make resolutions to change everything?
Will you make small adjustments in your life?

In case you think I am going to say any of the above is wrong, let me surprise you right now by saying that isn’t true.  I think anyone might have a good cause for any of the statements above.  I know which ones are right for me, and I know which ones have the best chance of success.  That doesn’t mean the others are wrong.

What I will recommend is making those decisions with prayer, journaling and the support of friends who know and love you.   Exercising the wisdom and education that you have to decide the right path ahead.  And how smart are our ways anyway?  We can certainly plan, and know that every plan will have twists and turns ending up right where we do.

I find rest all the time in a verse I learned many years ago.  Psalm 37:23-24 goes like this

23 The steps of a good man are ordered by the LORD,
And He delights in his way.
24 Though he fall, he shall not be utterly cast down;
For the LORD upholds him with His hand.
. NKJV –

By the way, where “good man” is one who trusts in God.  So, yes I will make a plan for the year ahead, and I will know that it is all subject to change daily based on God’s plan for my life.  And I will rest in the verse above knowing that He ultimately orders my steps.

What’s your favorite verse as you look to God for direction?
If you aren’t a believer, who or what inspires you as you plan for the future?