The Journey. . . .

Mike —  March 12, 2017 — 2 Comments

Enjoy the Journey!

Five years ago I wrote a piece on Great Expectation. Little did I know what was about to happen. Many great things certainly and some pretty painful things too.

This is about staying positive in light of big changes. This is about staying in the moment and noticing all the things going on around me even when i would rather bury my head. And this is about needing support to keep my head above water – much less stay positive. So you see, I’m far from having “arrived.”

The big thing that has dominated my life was a vaccination that led to a condition that has caused paralysis of my feet and requires infusions every three weeks to keep it from getting even worse.

And let’s not focus on the “what”? Many people have far worse “whats” – I just wanted you to know mine so that you understood what challenged me.

The real question is what have I learned?

I have learned that l have the grace to get through any situation when the situation occurs and generally not a moment before.

I have learned that my family is incredible. Just like grace, when needed they were immediately there and I couldn’t be more grateful.

I have learned I have amazing friends all over this planet and that their location doesn’t matter, and their love and support matter a lot.

I have learned I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength even when my faith gets challenged and I am less then understanding in that time. He was there and I am humbled by that love and forgiveness.

I have learned that challenging myself to keep my heart grateful and my mind focused are the cornerstones of being relentlessly positive.

Was I always positive? No way – far from it and for those that journeyed with me – well you know that’s a fact. And yet when I got back to a place of gratitude the real me emerged again.

Special thanks to my family and friends who have stood with me, supported me and prayed for me. It’s a debt I can never repay and I am filled with gratitude.

Today, I see life as an amazing adventure and I’m excited for what’s next. It’s fulfilling and fun.

So I will challenge you with this . . . Are you living life looking back at what has happened and what could have been?

Or are you living and loving in the moment with great expectation for “what’s next”?

Let’s do this! Let’s do this together!
“As one” you all . . . “As one” . . .



2 responses to The Journey. . . .

  1. What an incredible journey and a truly beautiful example of flourishing faith, hope and love.
    Magnificent Miguel, absolutely magnificent!!!!

  2. Good word my friend! I echo a hardy Amen to your call to the hard work of focusing on our DESTINY, rather than our HISTORY while trusting Jesus in leaving a glorifying LEGACY.

    (Queue up We Will Not Be Shaken, roll
    Video, lift hands, praise God, repeat)

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