Doing Life With Teamwork

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Doing Life With Teamwork

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”― Helen Keller 

In a world of people that sit back on their couches and cheer on players and teams making millions, paying hundreds and thousands of dollars to sit in a stadium and watch, it amazes me that we fail to get the point about teamwork in our own lives.

It is the greatest team/teamwork that wins and earns the millions and the recognition, the rings and the trophies. It amazes me that we are so willing to wear someone else’s jersey…with their name and number and yet so apathetic about creating or wearing our own jersey and team.  We have become islands, isolated and alone and left to our own means to create whatever we can…quite the opposite of teamwork and community.

In the loud, awesome and encouraging words of my coach, trainer and owner of Crossfit WestCo, Kristen Smith, I hear the words, “Fight for it!”. Are you gonna fight for it!? Are you fighting for it today, wearing your own jersey with your own name and number and do you have a team helping you do it, be it!

Whatever team or community it is, or that you create, just make sure that you have or that you go create one! Life is so much easier, joyful, fun, purposeful and rewarding when we have others to do it with. 


Gregory Talyor – Colorado Regional Director at Biz to Biz Network Inc.



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