Inspired. . . by You!

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Inspired. . .by You!

Inspiration and MotivationSo I asked what inspired you and got awesome answers. I’ll let you go back and read the answers from a few days ago if you missed them. Thanks to Alan, Patty, Norman and Juanita and whoever else chooses to answer after I write this. We appreciate your feedback and answers from the heart.

What I love about the answers is that they are so diverse. So get this. . . The answer to “What Inspires You?” . . . is whatever you want it to be!!! There is no right answer. And the answer might change from day to day, minute to minute. Or the answer might be the same for a lifetime. Only in your heart do you really know the answer. How amazing is that?

The answer for you might be a person . . . a team of people . . . or a sunset . . . a smile . . . or even the sound a screaming unmuffled V8 engine. (See, if you didn’t go read the great responses, you will now!).

I love Alan’s observation that what inspires me, might just be very similar to what I am grateful for. That’s definitely true.

My answers? My family, amazing grandparents, friends for as many as 35 years, driving fast cars, high Alpine lakes, ocean waves, and many amazing coaches and Inspiration and Motivationmentors that I also get to call friends.  Another thing that inspires me every day is . . . all of our readers and fans!  I wonder what you are creating in your life and as we share with you whatever is on our hearts and minds. . . things we may never know. . . but trust that you are creating great things and being inspired.

A great reason for answering this question is to be AWARE of the things that get you inspired. Know who or what gets you excited and motivated so you can focus on it anytime you want.

If you already know, great. If you don’t know, take the time to make a list. Be ready for the next time that inspiration is lacking in your day . . . or your moment. Because the Dan Millman Quote from yesterday is a great way to live your life. . .

This moment is the only thing that matters.

And why would you waste a single moment being uninspired?


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One response to Inspired. . . by You!

  1. I inspired myself today when I hear all the good things and advice I say to other people to lift them up and in passing hear how amazingly powerful I AM! (Try it some time!)

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