Who Inspires You?

Mike —  September 25, 2012 — 6 Comments

Who Inspires You?

I have been watching “The Voice” this year. The stories of some of the contestants are heart wrenching, beautiful, exciting, tear-jerking, and yes, Inspiring. I totally enjoy watching people from all types of backgrounds going out and pursuing their dream, no matter what the past looked like, and sometimes because of what it looked like.

Inspiration and Motivation for You!This caused me to ask myself, and now you, this question, Who Inspires You?

The artists of “The Voice” always point back to someone who inspires them in the lowest of low times. Maybe it was a relative, teacher or friend. One thing is certain, they used that encouragement to take themselves on and face their greatest fears. They have a dream and were lifted up by those who inspire them. Nothing will get in their way. . . not even if one of those chairs doesn’t turn around.

I know that I am where I am today because of those who inspired me over the years. I took on challenges because of them. They accomplished much in their lives and I was inspired by their stories. Some are heroes of our time . . . others are heroes just to me, in that moment. All of them were important to me and who I would challenge myself to become.

So how about it? Who Inspires You?
When the chips are down, and the mountain ahead is steep, who comes to mind?
When you need that little extra umph, who do you think about?

I’ll tell you some of the people that inspire me in a few days. I would first love to hear your stories. . .
You can pretty much write as long as you want in the comments below. And if you run out of space, leave an additional comment!


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6 responses to Who Inspires You?

  1. Love it Mike! I don’t have a lot of time for TV and I spend a great deal of my day either alone or with customers, so it sort of gets me thinking about not just who, but also what inspires me.
    – Waking up in the morning…
    – The sun shining…
    – My children…
    – My wife…
    – The Stars and Stripes…
    – Mike Enos
    – The sound of a screaming unmuffled V8 engine…
    – Me, dammit. I inspire me.
    – The “Hair Band” station on XM, or at least the memories of a simpler time it conjures…
    Oh, man, this list could be infinite… it reminds me of making a list of things for which I am grateful. Maybe they’re not that different?

  2. I LOVE this and thank you for the reminder! There really are SO many moments that are inspiring if we just stop and “be” in the moment. By doing that, it just may show you the “who” that is behind the inspiring. This I believe creates amazing momentum!
    I am so blessed to have so many great friends and mentors that inspire me to be more for this world. Because of their choosing to share a moment, thought, kind word, encouragement etc. Showing ME, the me they see as who God created me to BE. Their version was WAY better than mine at one time….now I believe it too!

  3. I have started to answer your question… so many times… and as soon as I think about one person then a different one pops into my head… It is wild how many differ people can come into your and inspire you in so many different ways.
    I believe that God brings the right people into your life at the right time for many reasons. Some for a short season and some for much longer season…. decades LOL I have been blessed with many people who having inspired me, supported me, loved on me and kicked my butt too. Anne thought me how to be a great Mom, Gloria and Debbie were my mentors and inspired me big time when I was first save and for many years after. My grade 11 English teach who saw that my brain worked differently and took the time for my to understand that. And then there were these 2 wonderful women at SC who saw something in me that I did not. All of these people and many more have inspired me in one way or another.
    Thank you to all of you for touching my live with your greatness.

  4. Thank you for your post. It reminds me of how amazing God is for putting so many influential people in my life. I am especially reminded of my late wife Ruth.
    Ruth was a beautiful, spiritual, generous, kind, and cheerful woman! Even though Ruth was diagnosed with metastatic bone cancer she always wanted to help people in need. She always thought of others before herself. She would volunteer to clean people’s houses in need even though she was in pain herself.
    Ruth was also a fighter! After her first bought with breast cancer she started to train and complete a bike ride that would go over three mountain passes for a total of 173 miles in three days! This inspired me to go on the bike ride with her. I remember her passing me climbing the passes with a big smile on her face asking me how I am doing!
    She always wanted to better herself spiritually, physically, and mentally. Because of her I wanted to do the same!
    It is ironic that because of our journey together it gave me the strength to continue on after she went to be with the Lord!
    I can hear her saying, “you have a choice, you can be depressed or you can move forward and go on with your life!”
    Because of her I will continue the journey of growth!

  5. The two Josephs in the Bible, Joshua Chamberlain, Patrick Henry. Abraham Lincoln, my children, my friends, those who live full out, full blast authentic.

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