Story – The Traveller & the Stone Mason

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Source:  Hubbards Clipboard #41

A traveller was riding his horse through the English countryside.  As he rode he heard the sound of chipping stone and as he came over the crest of a hill he saw a stone mason, a most “unhappy chappie” with a scowl on his brow, chipping away at a block of stone.

“Pray, tell me”, said the traveller to the stone mason, “what are you doing with that block of stone?”. “Well, if you must know”, said the stone mason, “I am hewing it into blocks for some huge structure being built down the road.  I haven’t got time to talk.  I’ve got to finish another six stones by nightfall.  And my back is starting to kill me!”.  “Oh, so I won’t hold you up then”, said the traveller and he rode on.

Soon the traveller came to another stone mason on the side of the road also hewing a stone.  This stone mason was a little happier than “old sourpuss” down the road.  The traveller commented on this to the stone mason.  “Well”, said the stone mason, “this stone I am working on today is reasonably good.  See how smooth I can make these blocks.  With this smoothness they should fit together reasonably tightly and make a water-tight wall for the huge new church I hear is being built down the road.  However, I am certainly getting a few blisters from this hard stone”.  “Interesting”, said the traveller, and he rode on.

Soon he came across the third stone mason.  This young fellow was singing his heart out as he chipped away on a stone.  “Well”, said the traveller to the third stone mason.  “You’re certainly a joy germ, but why are you so happy at just chipping away at blocks of stone?”  “Its simple”, said the stone mason. “I am building a cathedral!”

Are you chipping at a block of stone or are you building a cathedral?

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