Inspiration From the Milk Shed

Shane —  September 6, 2012 — 1 Comment

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Inspiration From the Milk Shed

How do you make inspiration happen? What does that look like?

I remember hearing a friend of mine share a story of how his Dad impacted his life. I assumed it would be one of those amazing athlete stories or some real tough guy sort of thing. What he shared was not at all what I was expecting.

My friend’s dad, Mr Winchester, was a dairy farmer and the story took place at the milking shed when my friend was a young kid. Mr Winchester was going about the daily routine of milking the cows when one of the cows pooh-ed on his head and it went all the way down into his boot. (Yeah. I know, gross. Bare with me a moment.) His son shared with us that his Dad said nothing. He didn’t get angry about it, he just walked over to the hose and washed it off as if to say “no worries, Mate”. There was no out burst of anger or frustration, he simply went straight back to work.

I think about how I may have reacted. I think the first words out of my mouth would have been very similiar to what just came out of the cow. “Oh …. Pooh” And that would have been just the begining of my verbal out-burst. Somewhere in the midst of my retaliation I can imagine my pooh filled boot ending up connecting with the cow’s back side.

Mr Winchester’s son was 20 years old when he shared this childhood memory with us. He was inspired by his father, a man who modeled self control and consciously chose his response instead of losing his temper.

This was not a planned event with the intention of teaching his son this life lesson. Rather it came about simply through a man living his everyday ordinary life.

Thank you Mr Winchester for the example you were to your son. Not only did you impact his life but mine as well. And now I am passing on that inspiration.

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One response to Inspiration From the Milk Shed

  1. Its often the very small, ordinary things in life that are so profound and you never know who is watching!!

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