Story – The Boy without a Right Arm

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Story – The Boy without a Right Arm

There was a boy who was born without a right arm. On his ninth birthday he asked his parents if he could join a karate club. They were delighted by the idea and their son quickly became a regular at the local dojo. He wanted to compete in a tournament and asked his master if this was possible. The Inspiration and Motivation for YOU!master said he could but only if he listened carefully to his master and trusted him.

The master taught the boy one move and one move only. He practiced it diligently but after a while he was worried that the other boys were learning a range of moves and he only had one. He asked the master to teach him other moves but the master said no. The master just urged the boy to keep practicing that one move.

The boy won the first round of the tournament and then the next round and the one after that until he found himself winning the entire tournament. He was baffled. How did he do it? He asked the master how a boy with only one arm and only one move could win a karate tournament against these other boys. The master smiled and told him that there is only one defense against the move he had learned and that defense involves grabbing the attacker by the right arm.


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