The 3 Key Principles That Guarantee Success

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The 3 Key Principles That Guarantee Success

How bad do you want your goals and dreams?  When you fail to achieve one, do you know where Key Principles That Guarantee Success, principles, successyou went wrong?  Can the keys to success really be as simple as only 3 principles?

Let’s apply the principles to this true story about 2 Australians and the goal they achieved.

In August of 1992, Glenn Singleman, Nic Feteris and their team climbed and camped in the mountains  for 3 weeks.  I’m not talking about car camping in nice warm weather.  This was a treacherous and technical adventure as they made their way to the top of Great Trango Tower in the Karakorum, Pakistan.   The summit of this Great Tower is 20,608 ft  (6,286m ).  Their destination was a ledge on the north west face.

On top of all the normal gear for a 3 week mountaineering trip they also hauled in camera equipment.  Why?  Because their goal was to set a world record base jump and that is just what they did.

Here are the 3 key principles that guaranteed success for them (and they will for you as well).

1.   They were clear on what they wanted and took action. So many people don’t have clarity on what it is they want to achieve. If you don’t know what your aiming at you’ll never hit it. A lack of clarity leads to procrastination instead of taking action. How clear are you on what you want?

2.   They were passionate about it. Obviously, they would never have gone through the planning and overcoming all the physical obstacles without having a burning desire to achieve it. That first cold night in the tent would have had them packing. Is your desire for your dreams and goals strong enough that you will never give up until you have them?

3.   They had an Unshakeable Belief that they could do this. This is where so many of us fail. We let self doubt and past history tell us what we are capable of and get beaten by our own mental obstacles. Do you KNOW that you can and WILL achieve what it is you desire?

Here is the video taken of their world record base jump.   I’m amazed at how they even got to the ledge they jumped from, let alone the base jump itself.  Incredible!

Make a decision today to follow ‘The 3 Key Principles That Guarantee Success’ and watch your dreams become reality.

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