Four Ways to Enjoy your Daily Adventures!

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Four Ways to Enjoy your Daily Adventures!

After three adventures to Brazil in three months, I have been learning a lot about putting myself outside my comfort zone – in fact I would say I am flat out living there.

Inspiration and Motivation for YOU!

Restaurant - Figueira Rubaiyat

First, English is not spoken much in Brazil ( why should it be after all ? ). I am normally with bilingual folks, however when I’m on my own, life gets very interesting!

One night in a hotel restaurant, we paid for a burger with one waitress who apparently left right afterward. Trying to explain we had already paid after the staff change was not so easy. Google translate came to the rescue, however I might have been writing this from a Brazlian Jail! So patience and ingenuity saved the day. I know, I can hear some of you saying “of course he used google!”

Not so fast! Data is 20 USD per MEGABYTE without a plan. And you know there is no wifi in a taxi cab?!? So a short trip that should have cost 7 bucks ended up costing 23 USD. And the exchange got heated even though we couldn’t understand each other. Had a great opportunity to shift out of frustration quickly so I could enjoy the company and tour of Embu das Artes for the rest of the day!

And finally, breakthrough! You know the feeling when you are working hard and don’t seem to see any results? Right! Me too! This

Inspiration and Motivation for YOU!

Embu das Artes - Sao Paulo, Brazil

project has really challenged me, then suddenly, early last week, phase 1 was complete and phase 5 was no longer necessary. For a moment I thought, WOW! How lucky are we! And then I realized, it was our hard work that got us to the place we could even realize the accomplishment, and it was God’s favor raining on us that showed us the outcome! One other special moment was lunch at the first picture above, check out Figueira Rubaiyat.

As I look back at the last three months here is the bottom line of what I have learned:

1. Start with Gratitude and live every day from there.

2. Be easily amazed! Expect the unexpected and look at the world through the eyes of a child! Everything is interesting and exciting from there!

3. Have fun with all that happens! Go with the flow and enjoy the moment. It will soon be gone.

4. Take care of yourself! Work hard and play hard. And listen to your body! Get plenty of rest, eat right and exercise!

So, what’s up with all of you fine people? What great adventures have you been up to? What are you learning?



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