The Thrill of Victory! or. . . . ?

Mike —  April 23, 2012 — 1 Comment

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The Thrill of Victory!  or . . . ?

For those of us old enough, “The Thrill of Victory” always brings to mind that ABC Sports video from the Wide World of Sports. You know the one, “The Thrill of Victory and the Agony of Defeat.” I write a lot about setting intention, having great expectations and creating amazing things in our lives. I sometimes wonder if people who read it think everything is always great for me, even though I know you all know better than that.

This 10 day journey to Brazil has been a great example. It actually started 2 weeks before the flight when we were trying to get a passport for an associate. The State Department said it was a 5 – 7 day process, which turned into three weeks. Five days for a Visa? Nope, try seven. Now I normally would never cut things close, however this trip was scheduled fast and without too much warning. Tickets had to be rescheduled and a lot was learned. We actually picked up the passport at 8 a.m. from the FEDEX terminal on the morning we flew out. That is WAY too close for me.

Once we arrived in Brazil, most everything that could go wrong proceeded to do it. I can tell you, a rocky start never really undoes me because I figure it has to get better. Four days into the trip there was no sign of that. Everything my associate and I touched seemed to go wrong or be worse than expected. Oh, did I mention that by the time we landed I was very sick? Thanks for all you who prayed.

Inspiration and Motivation

Sao Paulo Futbol Club Stadium

Finally after five tough days, we could feel things shift. I can tell you I EXPECTED it every day. If I didn’t have determination and the perseverance to keep going, it would have been easy to give up. We definitely knew the “Agony of Defeat” on the journey. I promise you, it just made the “Thrill of Victory” that much better.

So what does this mean for you? Are you discouraged by the way some things are going in your life? Do you let those things get you down or do you continue to be open to options that might present themselves? If you are disappointed and beat down, how many options do you think you will notice?

Be encouraged friends, when the “Agony of Defeat” seems to be the theme, the “Thrill of Victory” will still come if you keep pushing and stay optimistic!  Watch for the shifts! Expect them! Even Create them Yourself! Keep a positive attitude and keep your eyes open for options, especially those that may seem counter-intuitive. Remember, it doesn’t always look the way you expect! AND OH BOY can I tell you that was my experience this week.

We are traveling home. We definitely experienced “The Thrill of Victory” and we experienced every bit of the journey, not always having fun. That too, was a choice.

Go get’em! What will you create today?

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  1. Sounds alot like the Greencrete journey. And Thanks this came just at the right time for the little nudge that we needed. Thanks Mike.

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