Life Lesson in Glass Blowing Class – Norman Young

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Occasionally we get the pleasure to turn over the reins of the blog and have a friend of ours tell their story, or something they have been learning in life.  That is the case today!  Keep tabs on our guest bloggers here!  

My friend Norman Young shares a story, very close to his heart, and mine. – Mike


The Vase by Guest Blogger – Norman Young

In 2010 I took a glass blowing class and I made these glass pieces for my wife, Ruth.

The creation of the vessel before you has been an amazing experience!

During the creation process my instructor asked me if I wanted to go big or go small. I asked what was the difference. She said smaller is easier. I told her I wanted to go big.

During the class I was taught that creating a glass piece requires teamwork. A team member helps by assisting wherever she or he can do, such as shielding my arms from the heat and by blowing into the glass piece while I am shaping it.

As I was creating the glass piece my instructor asked if I wanted to go the hard way or the easy way. I asked what is the difference and she said the hard way takes more skill. I wanted to challenge myself so I opted for the hard way.

As I was creating the piece I was getting excited to see that it was turning out beautifully!

Then something happened. Because I was not used to working with a larger glass piece I did not heat it properly and the base started to crack. We were franticly doing our best to save the piece!

She then told me, because of the cooling period and because of the cracks, it may not survive. The instructor then asked if I wanted to continue. Realizing that the piece may not make it, I got bummed out. But a few seconds later my attitude changed and shifted because I knew that the experience itself was incredible! And that I still created a beautiful piece and that I should celebrate that I stretched myself and learned something new!

So even if the piece might not survive I told her I wanted to continue. So I finished the piece.

I was excited to discover the glass vessel did survive and though it has its cracks it is still beautiful. I find the cracks actually enhance the piece.

I have displayed it in my room as a reminder of my choices and how it also applies to my choices in life.

Choice one: Come into class with the expectation of an amazing experience or just show up and have a mediocre one.

Choice two: To create something big and be stretched or do something small and easy.

Choice three: To my best so that I can experience the best in my team and myself or just show up and not care.

Choice four: When something cracks or breaks, do I choose to be bummed out or do I choose to celebrate the experience of growing, learning and creating!

The last day of class I made a bowl. I wanted to go big. It was uncomfortable to go big because of the heat, (the larger the piece the more heat is generated and is also much more difficult to control) But I decided to play big! The piece turned out great!! It is the blue bowl. During the class, one of the instructors saw my piece and said “your piece is big, that’s good! That is the way you learn, by going big!”

I then realize how much this class reminds me of life! How God sometimes allow hardships in our lives so that we can grow and learn!

Some may look at the glass piece and notice it is not perfect. But I find that the imperfections make it beautiful!

Inspiration and Motivation for YOU!


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One response to Life Lesson in Glass Blowing Class – Norman Young

  1. Thanks for sharing your story Norman. I remember you tell me about it in Camp, it is a beautiful reminder of you love for Ruth.

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