4 Steps to Change (Part 2)

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4 Steps to Change  (Part 2)

(Continuation from Part 1)

What in your life are you looking at changing?  Do you over-sleep by playing the snooze game with the alarm clock?  Do you have a habit of complaining, criticizing, gossiping or having negative thinking?

Whatever it is, remember, change is a process not an event.  It is like a journey, in which through a series of stages change happens.  It may sometimes involve failure before success is achieved.  As Mark Twain said, “Quitting smoking is easy. Personally, I’ve quit many

Here are the 4 steps to change:

  1. First you have to commit to changing.  Wanting to change isn’t enough.  If you are thinking, I know I should stop doing, this or that, yet are not ready to commit to taking action.   Then ask yourself these questions.  How much will you have to suffer before you are serious about getting help and changing your ways?  What is at stake if I don’t make this change?  Do you hate this habit?  I like how Derek Prince said it.  “God will deliver you from your enemies; not from your friends.”  You have to decide that this habit is an enemy, make a commitment and take action to remove it from your life.  Until then, it is still a friend that you are letting influence your life.  Wanting to change a habit isn’t enough.  It takes a commitment and I suggest accountability and help from a trusted friend or advisor.  (Which brings us to point #2)
  2. Get support.  When you made the commitment you were saying, “This is non-negotiable, I promise I am going to do this.”  It is now time to share your commitment to a friend or trusted advisor who can hold you accountable.  Promise to them that you will do this.
  3. Have hope.  Know that you can achieve it and picture yourself with this new habit in your life.  During the process of change, notice how far you have come, celebrate the small steps and keep your vision of the end result in front of you and know you can do it.
  4. Have some how to’s.  Here is some practical actions you can do to help you in the process:
    • A great way to reinforce a new habit is to teach it to someone else.  Become a mentor.
    • Have motivational and inspirational materials to encourage you along the way.  I know this great website at www.UnshakeableBelief.com.  Their Facebook page is great too.
    • Use of affirmations, statements of truths, or your favorite insights that you can be a support for you when challenged by your old ways of thinking.
    • Reminders that will keep the desired change in the forefront of your mind.  Some habits have become subconscious behaviors that can be slipped back into without even noticing you are doing it.  Notes or pictures can be good trigger devices to remind you of the change you are in the process of creating.  Figure out what a good trigger device is for you place them where they will be regularly seen.
    • Hang out with people that have what it is that you want.  Stay away from people and places that would encourage the old habit.
    • Remind yourself of WHY you want to change and visualize what it is you want to create.

Change requires mental and emotional effort.  Have grace and patience with yourself as you journey through the process.  If you happen to slip back into your old ways, stop, correct the mistake, forgive yourself and get back on track again.  It is a learning and reprogramming process that will take perseverance, commitment and focus on the desired end result.  Also, don’t forget to enjoy the journey.  Remember what we talked about in Part 1, the pain is caused by the old habit, not the process of changing it.


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