Strengthen Your Self Confidence

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Strengthen Your Self Confidence

What would you do differently in your life if you had an unlimited amount of self confidence?  How would you act?   Who would you be?

One does not achieve their goals and dreams and then become a self confident person.  They first are self confident and this belief in themselves is what allows them to achieve their goals and dreams.

Here are some practical tips to strengthen your self confidence:

  • Focus on gratitude:  Develop an attitude of gratitude.  When you are being grateful it changes your feelings and actions.  You display confidence and certainty.  Remember past successes, achievements, and times when you overcame problems.  This can give you motivation in the present moment.
  • Compliment others:  Picture you and someone else being in an elevator on the 4th floor.  If you press the button for the 8th floor you both go up: where as, if you press the button for the 1st floor you both go down.  The words we say to others do the same things.  If we bring someone down, we go down with them and if we encourage someone we too receive encouragement.
  • Accept compliments:  Do you accept it when someone compliments you?  Do you believe a positive affirming statement directed at you?   If not why not?  Many people are quick to accept a negative comment about themselves and reject a positive up lifting one.  Believe it, say thank you, and be strengthened and encouraged by it.
  • Focus on contribution:  When you focus on someone else you no longer see what you believe to be your own “flaws” or “limitations”, it becomes about them not you.  By strengthening someone else you too get strengthened.  You can not give without receiving.
  • Dress up:   No, clothes do not make the person; however, they definitely affect how one feels about themself.  There is something empowering about dressing up.  It changes the way you carry yourself and interact with people.
  • Have a good posture:  Have you ever noticed how insecure someone with poor posture looks?  How you carry yourself will affect how you feel and how others perceive you.    Stand up straight, keep your head up and make eye contact.  This will make you feel more alert and empowered.
  • Walk faster:  I am not saying to speed walk everywhere you go.  What I am talking about is picking up the pace by about 25%.  Do you want to look slow and tired or energetic and purposeful?   By walking faster you will feel and look more important.

Starting today… (no procrastinating)    How will you act, and who will you be, as you strengthen your self confidence?


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