Treating Everyone “First Class”

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Treating Everyone “First Class”
Another great lesson from Brazil.

We write often about how we are “Being”.   A couple days ago I mentioned my own self “Being” First Class.  At the end, I mentioned treating everyone like they are “First Class” too.

One of the interesting things about going to a country where the primary language is not English is the immediate communication gap between us.  Ordering lunch?  Hope you aren’t too picky because they don’t know what you are saying.   Finding the restroom?. . . ooops.  Getting to transportation?  Not so much.

One of my experiences in Brazil was eating dinner at a few restaurants.  What I loved about these restaurants was there wasn’t a tourist in sight.  These were regular places where people were on a date, with their families, or a bunch of friends.  The funniest thing to me was to say “Thank You” to the servers.  I saw horror in their faces as they realized that I only spoke English and they really weren’t comfortable with it.  It all worked out because I was with people who spoke Portuguese, it was just a great awareness of suddenly being out of our comfort zone and what that looked like for these great servers.

This communication gap can also create an inability to show how much you care, respect and want to get to know people.  OR CAN IT?  Here’s the thing, I had a couple of opportunities to see my “BEingness” make a difference, even to people who didn’t speak English.

I saw people who didn’t at first know what to make of me actually realize that I was there to help and I cared about them and their ability to get things done.  I had opportunities to support people and learn about them and the issues they were having even though they didn’t speak English.  And even develop trust in that relationship.

To be clear, I had a few people who supported me in translating.  The awesome thing however, was to see the smiles from people as I was able to help.  Suddenly they would take risks and even speak a bit of English.  It was so cool to see that trust.  I sensed they could tell I was “safe” and would support them however was best for them.  That was treating them “First Class”.

Now take away the language barrier.  EVERYONE has a different past.  EVERYONE has different fears and concerns.  In effect, EVERYONE speaks a different language.  How can you change your day and EVERYONE around you by treating people like they are “First Class”???

How will your day be different?  More importantly, how will their day be different?
Take the challenge!  Be “First Class” and treat everyone else the same way!
Change your world, starting right now!  Then let us know what happens!


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