Stop Procrastination … Yes Now! (Part 3)

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Stop Procrastination … Yes Now!  (Part 3)

Continued from Stop Procrastination … Yes Now!  (Part 2)

I mentioned in Part 2, that the list of excuses for procrastination tend to fall under one of two categories and that by identifying the reason for your behavior you can then find the insight on how to overcome it and create a new habit.  We left off with (Category #1) – is something you don’t like to do.

(Category #2)    It is something you don’t know how to do.

Here are some other common excuses and some statements to help you overcome the “I don’t know how to do it excuses.

  • Task is overwhelming:  “It’s too big, why even bother to try”  –  Look at the task in bite size pieces instead of viewing it as a huge project.  Don’t try to finish it in one sitting.  Remind yourself that growth comes from taking on new and bigger challenges.
  • “Where do I start?” – If looking at it in bite size pieces doesn’t help, you may need to seek help from someone.  You do not need to know everything.  Asking for help is not a weakness.
  • I am not capable of doing this.  “I’m stupid/slow/not talented/etc.” – Self doubting beliefs about yourself and your abilities will keep you stuck in that same place, (it’s like a mental roadblock).  Growth and forward movement towards your goals and dreams will not take place until you change the way you see yourself.
  • “Ive never done this before” – Just because you haven’t done something like this in the past doesn’t make you incapable.  You are able to do whatever you set your mind to.  When you decide you want to do something you will learn the necessary skills to complete the task.  Procrastination only stops your learning and growth.  When attempting something new, remember to keep your sense of worth as a person separate from the outcome of the task.  If you don’t do it perfectly it does not make you a lesser person.
  • “I’m not good at organizing” – Even unorganized people start and finish tasks.  If you are not good at prioritizing, organization and time management then it is time to learn.  Start the project you have and use it to learn these skills.  They can be learned and need to be practiced.  Now is a perfect opportunity.

Here are some suggestions and tips to stop procrastinating:

  • Take action.  Get started –  Your feelings will follow and so will motivation.
  • Get accountability – Have someone who will hold you to what you committed to.
  • Set deadlines – AND meet them.  Take the deadlines seriously.  Refer to accountability.
  • Earn rewards for finishing small steps and the full project
  • Identify tasks you are most likely to put off.  –  Come up with a plan for actioning these.
  • Keep distractions at a distance
  • Get help on big tasks
  • Make the activity fun

This blog is over and your procrastination should be too.  Whatever activity or project you were putting off to read this blog; it’s time to get started.

If you have any questions or additional tips/insights please let us know in the comments.  Thanks.


In case you missed it here is Stop Procrastination … Yes Now!  (Part 1)

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