Three Fun and Easy Ways to Encourage People!

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Encourage and Inspire

Three Fun and Easy Ways to Encourage People!

How aware are you of people and their needs?  What do you do about it?  What ways can you support others?

Here are three great ways to encourage people and build powerful relationships:

Listen – so often people simply want a place to be heard, without judgement and without being told what to do.  Connecting with people and finding out what’s been going on in their life can be a very powerful gift.

Often in these conversations while my friend is talking and I am listening, they will discover a solution to something that is going on in their life .  Did I fix the problem or give them a solution?  NO!   All I did was make myself available and give them the space to talk things out. . . cost to me?  a little bit of me, a little bit of my time, and a few minutes of truly listening.

Be Aware – when we listen carefully to people, we can often tell when something isn’t okay. An inflection in their voice or a non-verbal cue will be the tip off.  When you sense these things, simply check in with that person and ask if they are okay and if anything is going on.

You will be surprised what you might learn.  And often the person is grateful that you care enough to ask.  Of course, this isn’t an interrogation – so ask because you care – not because you are searching for blood.

Celebrate Victories – how many people do you know who work and work to achieve a goal, and the minute it is achieved, they write another goal and move on.  There is nothing wrong with that, however, it’s an awesome thing to STOP, CELEBRATE, and then move on to the next goal.

So imagine your friends surprise when you ask them how they CELEBRATED the latest accomplishment?!  If they haven’t, then help them by finding a way to celebrate with them!  Bonus, right?  They celebrate and you get to join the party!  Help your friends to stop and smell the roses, or, put another way, to enjoy the moment!

Encourage People!  Be Encouraged – a great quote for you here.

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