Being Focused! Part 2

Shane —  February 1, 2012 — 1 Comment

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The other day we discussed Being Focused and the importance of our thoughts in the whole scheme of things  (Part 1 here).  Obviously, being aware of the thoughts you are focusing on will help tremendously in assisting you to create your desired results.  However, what if you struggle to focus, period.  How do we increase our focus?

Here is two techniques for being focused:

1) Have a clear intention:  What do you want?  The more clarity you have about what it is you want, the more laser your focus will be.  If you are vague and unsure of what you want, then distractions, procrastination and a lack of motivation become the main results you create.

2)  Have a strong why.  This is the reason and desire that drives you for going after your intention.  If you don’t have a strong desire for it, I would say that you really don’t want it.  A strong why, is what gets you out of bed in the morning, persuades you to overcome obstacles, and keeps the dream for your intention alive.  This alone can give you the focus and drive to create massive results.  The stronger the why, the more fuel for you have for your intention and motivation.  With a strong why, you will find yourself being focused.

Clarity is crucial in knowing what you want and why you want it.  Without clarity you will always struggle with being focused.  Writing out your intention and your “why” is a great way to help bring clarity.  If you find yourself stuck, one way to start the flow of ideas is by talking it over with a trusted coach or a friend  who is supportive of your goals and dreams.

Being Focused will shift your life into overdrive!  Work on this skill today!

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One response to Being Focused! Part 2

  1. Thanks for your blog! The big why really makes you think because if you don’t build the foundation under. Your passion the whole building will collapse at the first sign of trouble!

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