Surround Yourself. . . with support!

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Surround, Support

Who are you surrounded by?

Who you surround yourself with . . . is totally up to you!

I have surrounded myself with many people who support me in my life.  I get straight answers from them.  I don’t always like what I hear, and they always have my best interest in mind.  They have helped me in my job, my health, my social life, my well being.

These people have encouraged me in the face of adversity.  Their support has helped me step into big challenges that I never would have considered.  I thrive and grow faster than I ever thought possible.

With these things in mind, who do you surround yourself with?
Do you surround yourself with people who:

  • uplift and encourage you?
  • who tell you the truth?
  • know your goals and cheer you on?
  • know your strengths and weaknesses?
  • hold you accountable in a supportive way?

If you don’t have that kind of support, where will you find it?

First, look around you right now.  Are there people in your life that could be that support if you grow the relationships? To have that kind of support you must get to know people and they must get to know you.  It takes being vulnerable and learning to listen well to others. For more on this, see also Three Steps to Great Friends.

Second, get into organizations where you can meet people and be in groups.  You know I am going to mention a small group at your church.  What an amazing opportunity to have accountable and supportive relationships.  I have been in many, all amazing.  If the first group doesn’t fit you, give yourself permission to find another group.  Business organizations and clubs sometimes have these opportunities as well.

Third, maybe getting a life coach is a good place to start?  Yes you pay them, and a great coach can help you move forward in your life dramatically.

What are you working on in your life that will change dramatically with the right support?
If you have that support, have you shared your goal or challenge and asked for the support?
If you don’t have that support, what’s your next step?

What questions do you have?  How has support changed your life?  How can we help?
Make a comment below, or use the Contact page to drop us a note.  We will answer.

Surround Yourself!



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