Your Dreams Realized!

Mike —  January 20, 2012 — 1 Comment
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Tropical Beach in Brazil. . . or wherever your dream takes you!

Just thinking today about dreams and desires.

What are you holding back on?  What dream or desire have you nurtured, fed, and hidden away until the right moment?  You know, when I have enough time, when I have the money, when I get married, etc.

BELIEVE ME when I tell you I totally get it.  For years I have been saying I can’t wait to get married and travel and see the world.  A year ago I finally got it.  “Start travelling now. . . “ while I’m still single.  Who knows, maybe I will meet my wife in my travels.  And so I have started traveling.  Alaska and Seattle last year, Brazil and New Zealand coming up.  Some business and some pleasure.  All will be fun.  Oh, and Phoenix multiple times, and that’s another awesome story all together.

Our subconscious is a powerful thing.  We recently posted a quote on FB that I think applies:

“Don’t Believe Everything You Think”

We have all types of programs that run our life and manifest themselves as some pretty heavy duty self talk or “thinking”.  These often come forward as really great reasons not to pursue things that we know in our heart we are created to do.  And we are so used to hearing them, we most often immediately cave to the suggestion.

Why not start believing the TRUTH about yourself.
You are perfectly created for all that you have been called to do.
This is your time.  You are awesome just the way you are.
You have much to contribute now.  You are Enough!

Are you a Christ-follower?
Or curious about who you are created to be?
Here is extensive list just for you.
Who am I in Christ?

So, what dreams and desires have you been holding back on?
How about starting today and living with Your Dreams Realized?!
How will your life be different?
Where will you be in 30 days?  90 days?  one year from now?

Take on your life!  Live every moment!
Only you can live your life fully.



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  1. so true… love this one. dream big

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