Insights from the seat of a John Deere Part 2 – The results

Shane —  January 18, 2012 — 2 Comments


“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”   ~ Wayne Dyer

After writing the “Insights from the seat of a John Deere” blog, the environment at work changed for me.  I must admit, I didn’t think things would shift that quickly.  The results were miraculous.  I see him completely different, and that’s not because he changed.  I changed.

I stopped expecting him to change into what I felt a proper working companion should look like.   Instead I changed the only person I have the power to change.  Me.  Before I had blamed him for the working environment, now I take responsibility for what I bring to it.

What transpired for me is best explained with Wayne Dyers above quote.

The way I look at Him now has changed and because of that, what I see has changed.  It is as if he is a different man.  And from my perspective we both are.



2 responses to Insights from the seat of a John Deere Part 2 – The results

  1. Its amazing to hear how quickly you experienced a change in your situation. It has often been my thinking that such changes a long & difficult & drawn out, but it can be instantaneous & easy!!! Thanks for your honesty.

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