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End of year reflections abound!  Every news source is running their idea of the most important events in 2011.  You can’t miss them if you turn on the television.  One thing is certain, alot of amazing things happened this year.

What if you shut off the television for a moment and create your own show?

In the blissful quiet, answer this: “What amazing events happened to me this year?”
Can you answer the question from only a positive perspective?
Even the challenges that happened will often have a positive side.

What great things did you create in your life that you haven’t given yourself credit for?
They might be simple victories!  They might be small things!
Trust me, they all have impact!

How have you grown?  How did you handle things differently than you would have before?
What relationships did you choose to nurture . . . and then watch bloom?

What things did you create this year that you only dreamed about in the past?
What did you create that you never imagined?  How have you celebrated these things?

If you really want to learn about yourself, pick a question above and keep asking it to yourself, your friend or your spouse over and over again.  Each time, answer with something new until you simply can’t answer it again. . . and then ask yourself the same question one more time.  Often in this exercise you will be amazed what you have forgotten that comes up.

We often look ahead at the next goals or challenges having never realized how far we have come.  Today I am asking you to acknowledge yourself and what you have created in your life.  This will be the rocket fuel that propels us into 2012!

So REFLECT on YOU!  and celebrate how far you have come and your accomplishments!



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