Eyes of a Child – New Zealand Pt 9

Mike —  December 21, 2011 — 1 Comment

Inspired and Excited

Shane and I arrived with Tommo in Las Vegas on a Sunday night. We made great time and had alot of fun on the drive. The next morning through a Herculean feat and the Grace of God, the rest of the family arrived at the airport at 7 a.m. . . yeah, if you do the math, they were out of the house by like 3 a.m.

The airport had all kinds of excitement even at that early hour. Of course, one bag somehow missed the flight so, while that was being handled, I went to find the nearest Starbucks. . . I know, you can’t believe that! The coolest thing is that Shane’s three year old son, Jake, went with me!

We found the Starbuck’s just a 100 feet away, right there in baggage claim – my kind of airport. We waited in line, and of course, at 3 years old that gets boring fast. Jake saw the escalator and was in total awe. He squatted down and just watched as the stairs disappeared into the floor. He was mesmerized by it and I just stood there watching and grinning. Is that the coolest thing or what? The innocence of a child, the wonderment of every little thing, and joy in the simplest things.

And sometime between 3 years old and, ahem, where ever you are now, it is very easy to lose that. The are a couple of things in our life that remind us of that time. A couple of times we have an opportunity to relive it. One of those for me, is every time I walk through the gates at Disneyland. Another of those, for many people, is Christmas time.

Here we are. It’s Christmas. Kids all around with a twinkle in their eye and waiting for Santa. Will you let the twinkle inspire you? With child like wonderment, what will you experience next?



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  1. Thanks for this…children are inspiring and we can learn (or unlearn) a lot from them. That 3 year old excitement and wonderment is certainly something very precious…probably why I love working with children. I wish I could give that little Jake a big cuddle and kiss on those 3 year old cheeks!!

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