Disneyland – New Zealand Pt. 7

Shane —  December 16, 2011 — 2 Comments
Inspiring Family
My wife and I had this idea to help enroll the kids in getting rid of toys for the move.  We told the kids we were having a garage sale and whatever money we made at that we would use for a trip to Disneyland.  It worked great.  They were enrolled, excess toys were sold and the day before we flew out to New Zealand we went to Disneyland.FUN!

The happiest place on earth they call it.  There was a point during the day that I was definitely questioning that.  It was dinner time and if eating and taking a break didn’t recharge the family we were going to be calling it a day.  The kids had done great (and so had the parents I might add); however, they were crashing fast.  We got our food at the cafeteria and set out to find a table that would fit 6 of us.

Straight away I saw a couple getting ready to go.  As I approach the table they were standing up and I said what great timing.  They agreed saying yes perfect timing.  The only problem was I saw this young lady running for the table.  I was blocked by the couple leaving and the girl quickly sat down at the table.

I was soooo not impressed.  I said “gee thanks for that” as I walked off pushing my baby in the stroller.  The girl wouldn’t even look at me and neither would her boy friend as he joined her at the table.  We walked around for 5 minutes or more looking for a table that would fit 6.  The longer I looked the madder I got.  Finally we found a table we could make work.

One thing I noticed, after getting some food in me and calming down, was that the madder I got about the situation the more negative things I was seeing.  (The table was filthy and we had to clean it before we could sit down, the kids at the table near us were very loud, the food was expensive…and the list goes on.)

Realizing this I decided I was not going to let this bother me anymore.  We were here to have fun and that was what I was going to focus on.  The next thing I noticed was that the line to get into the cafeteria was now 5 times longer than it was when we had gotten there and that the noisy kids near us had left.  Wow, I felt better already.

Wayne Dyer says “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”  I am glad to say the meal recharged all of us and we partied with Mickey and the gang late into the night.  It was a great day.



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  1. Well, it’s reasonably quiet here. It’s 6.47am aussie time and I am in bed with my pussie Bashy, snuggled besides me; the doves are cooing, the birds tweeting; I’m sipping a cup of tea and preparing for a lovely 23 degee day. I’m off today and heading over to my dads for the morning; then lunch with a girlfriend and finishing Christmas ‘things’ in the arvo!! Judy xx

  2. Hi Shane!! Judy Williams here from aussie!! Fantastic to read of yr stories and journey…. so, ur back in Snells Beach, NZ!!! How amazing!! Gr8 that u hve a job already. What ru doing? I guess u will pop in2 Lifeway and mayb checkmout the church to see if you will attend there. It is all new people now… (xcept for good ‘ol Pete and Rhonda from our group!) and a few others I think!! I’ve been back home in Geelong, Victoria for 3 yrs now… WOW how time flies!! Deano is also living here and he is now a dad to a b’ful boy Jed, about 6mths old now.. and he and Candice are getting married in Feb!! Sooo looking forward to that! Lauren & new baby girl & mayb Craig r coming over and mayb Pete, I think, so I can’t wait to see them!! Anyway, must finish now and willb in touch again soon. Luv to all yr family. Judy xxxx

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