Quality of Life – New Zealand Pt. 4

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Quality of Life, Great Friends

Quality of Life is about Quality of Relationships. 

Great friends head to New Zealand!
Last night was the night!  Our friend Shane and his beautiful wife and amazing kids are jumping on an airplane and heading to New Zealand – and if you are reading this early, they are still flying!  I was blessed to meet Shane’s wife and kids in the last few weeks.  As they traverse the ocean and land in a far away island nation, I am impressed with a few thoughts about friends.

Quality of Life is about Quality of Relationships.  
If you have friends and family that you are close to and are encouraged by, life can be very rich.  If, on the other hand, you stay distant and disconnected, life can be lonely.  We are created to be in relationships with family and friends.

What then, brings quality relationships?
In Proverbs 18:24 the Bible says that to have friends, one must show themselves friendly.
True friendship is a two way street.  If you have lots of friends, I am confident you are a good friend.

I have made several life long friends by washing dishes at parties and events, really!  Why?  Because not many people expect it, and a conversation almost always follows.  It’s a way of serving others and it’s a way of BEing friendly and making friends.  What ways have you made friends?

Friends forever?
How long do your friends stay in your life?  A week, a year, or 20 years?  I have many friends that have come into my life for several years and then I don’t talk to regularly.  And, when we do talk again its as if no time has passed.  The thing is, we both know, that if something comes up, we can count on each other.  Think about those you haven’t talked to in a while, could you pick up the phone and count on them?  Could they count on you?

What do you focus on?
In your relationships, do you focus on the gifts and skills of your family and friends?  Or do you focus on their short-comings?  If you are focused on their short-comings, then I am going to suggest you look in the mirror and ask yourself why.  I promise you, this is more about you than them.

If you are focusing on their gifts and skills, your relationships have a great opportunity to thrive and be an encouragement to both sides.  You will build them up and they will likely build you up in return.  Is this how you treat your friends?  How about your family?

Are they really gone?
Shane and his beautiful family have flown half way around the globe tonight.  Are they gone?  In this day of amazing communication opportunities, no one has to be out of our lives.  You make the choice whether you keep in touch with those you love.  So, want close relationships?  That’s up to you where ever people might be.

Here is something very special.  Great friends are seldom truly lost.  More correctly, they are on loan.  When friends have moved a bit out of our life, you can be sure they are being a blessing to those in their new surroundings and are BEing friends to others, some who may really need them.  Likely you are doing the same!

So, McGuire family, you are loved.  And thanks to Skype you are not that far away.  Enjoy New Zealand, bless those there as you have blessed us.  And we will keep in touch in these very pages.

Create Quality of Life through your relationships today!
Be a great friend this day to someone you don’t know!

P.S. When Shane gets his feet back on the ground, we get to hear about the family’s trip to Disneyland!  I don’t know about you, I know I can’t wait!



One response to Quality of Life – New Zealand Pt. 4

  1. Its good to have friends coming home too!
    They will be very well greeted at the airport.
    Maybe get the first scoop on Disneyland

    When you have friends like Cherry and Shane time and distance don’t really matter. The friendship remains the same even though we personally change, i think this is because solid friendships are built on solid values. I think when a relationship moves from the frilly outside stuff and you get to the point where you KNOW the true heart of a person then something eternal happens which is amazing. What a privilege and blessing that is.

    Welcome back to NZ Shane and Cherry

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