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When I drive I tend to get really annoyed at those drivers who drive under the speed limit, stop on interstate ramps instead of merging, don’t use turn signals, etc (yes the list goes on!)

I have decided that the other drivers don’t know what they are doing, they are not paying attention or in some way have decided that they will frustrate those of us who have some place to be.  The truth could be that they are elderly and their reflexes are slower, they are upset or they are having a very bad day.

My perception of a situation (what I tell myself or believe about it) influences how I feel and act.  Not only are my assumptions wrong but they fail to create the results I desire.  How much better would my drive be if I gave other drivers the benefit of the doubt and extended them some grace.

We all create stories from our perception of an event.  The question is, do the stories we tell ourselves help or hinder us.  Do we feel empowered or dis-empowered by them?

Watch the stories you tell yourself for they have a huge role to play in the results you create in your life.




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