Grateful for the moment!

Mike —  October 28, 2011 — Leave a comment

No matter what is going on in my life, I can always find reasons to be grateful.

I discovered some time ago that I could be grateful in a moment, for that moment,  and everything in that moment.  That has led me to this saying . . .

“There is no where in the world that I would rather be in this moment than right here”

In this moment, that means sitting at my dining room table typing away.  I can CHOOSE to be completely grateful and fulfilled, at this table, talking to you through this keyboard.  The moment can be at work, home, alone, in a meeting, in a conversation, driving, etc.  I can choose to be grateful for every single moment.

Sometimes I share this with people and they will say, “wouldn’t you rather be in Hawaii” or some other exotic place.  My answer is, yes, I would like to be in those places, however, right now, I choose to be right where I am and enjoy THIS moment . . . and  the really cool thing is, I get to tell them that I am enjoying the moment with THEM!

The Challenge: How will your day be different when you choose to experience and enjoy every moment of this day and be grateful for it?  How many lives will you change today when you totally experience each person you encounter and enjoy that moment you have with them?




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