How well do you treat. . .

Mike —  October 24, 2011 — 4 Comments

How well do you treat. . . your Most Valuable Asset?  (that would be YOU!)

In the last few years I have been introduced to a concept called “Self Honoring”.  If you are anything like I was, I can imagine you are saying “WHAT does that mean???”

The Definition of Honoring – to show respect for or hold in high regard.

Then the definition of Self-Honoring is to show respect for yourself and to hold yourself in high regard.

I know, not a popular thought these days.  I can already hear you saying that you should be serving others, and not yourself.  So here is a couple of questions for you:  How can you consistently take care of others if you haven’t been taking care of yourself?  How can you Encourage, Empower and Empathize with others, if you aren’t built up yourself?

Assuming you are with me now, what might taking care of yourself, or self-honoring, look like?  Self-honoring can take many forms.  For me, it’s getting enough sleep, hiking in the forest, waking up and spending time reading the Bible and praying, eating right, spending time with friends, etc.  These are things that refresh and rejuvenate me.  They build me up so I can best serve others.

Maybe you are already good at “self-honoring”.  Maybe not.  What are some great ways that you enjoy self-honoring?   How often will you COMMIT to honoring yourself this week?  Chime in and comment below!

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4 responses to How well do you treat. . .

  1. Shane, This is so true! In my world it is called self care. As a forensic nurse, working in a world of violence, listening and seeing first-hand the horrible things people do to each other, self care (or self honoring as you call it) is both the prevention of and antidote for vicarious trauma. If we don’t take care of ourselves, we can’t take care of others.

    • Hey Tara, thanks for the great comment. You of all people would know this topic well. I must admit tho, I didn’t write this blog, Mike did, I was hunting. I like what both you and Mike said. Take care of yourself Tara. Hey, there’s that self care again. LOL

  2. Self Honoring for me includes: taking care of the body, mind and spirit… (so nutrition/exercise/fluids/devotions and church/inspirational blogs and beautiful imagery.) It also takes the form of carving out moments in my day and in my week where I put in activities I enjoy. Self Honoring can also be for me about making the choice to turn even routine things into ways of self-honoring (because of “how” I perform the task/work.) Sometimes self-honoring is about pushing through and achieving unprecedented results. AND….Sometimes self-honoring is about pulling back— or not overworking something. Self-honoring can be about saying “YES” and at other times Self-Honoring is about saying “NO”. Self-honoring can be creating private time…. or it can be connecting to others who totally fill me up. Self-honoring for me takes many different shapes— but the connecting material– is that it is a conscious choice to be about honoring self. Thanks for asking!

    • Great share! Thanks for your knowledge and insight on this topic. We love it when people share their experiences and wisdom with us. Thanks for your comments.

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