Success Technique # 1 – Dare to Begin!

Shane —  October 12, 2011 — 6 Comments


“He who has begun has half done.  Dare to be wise; begin!”   -Horace

There was a gentleman that every morning would take his sharp axe and go to the back of his property where a large dead tree stood.  When he got there he would take 5 swings at the tree with his axe and then head back to the house to start the days activities.

Applying a simple habit like this will get you to your dreams and goals a lot faster than you think.  Everyday do something that takes you towards your goal just like the gentleman with his axe.

What will you do today to take you closer to your goals and dreams?
If you start doing one thing each day, what will you accomplish in:
1 year?  2 years?  5 years?

State your Commitment by leaving a comment below and encourage yourself and others!



6 responses to Success Technique # 1 – Dare to Begin!

  1. This website is a great example of a bit by bit approach. Shane and I had the idea about 6 months ago. We began meeting twice a week by phone. We read, reviewed and learned all we could, a little bit each day. . . and finally 10/10/11 we officially launched.

    Did we stop learning since? NO WAY! We are still learning every day. A commitment to fresh content 5 days a week, to inspire and encourage our readers will require us to be in the work every day. . . see we learn, and we get to share with you as we do.

    SO, what’s it gonna be? What goal or dream have you put on the side burner. . . if your honest, right now its barely a flicker of a flame, and you KNOW that it is your hearts desire??? Share it with the new community we are creating! Maybe it will be the first time you ever wrote it down? DARE to . . . BEGIN!

  2. “Bit by bit” approach is a great beginning! Life is a journey that takes unexpected turns that detour where you thought you should be going. Thanks Mike for all you have learned and apply to your own life. The changes you made have so wonderfully made you who you are today. Your inspiring coaching has made me see more clearly who and what I am. Sometimes I haven’t made the changes easily, but I see easier because of you. Jesus makes it happen. What a great instrument this blog is in making us beginners realize our coals and dreams are important. Just like depending on Jesus.

    • Janet 🙂 thank you so much. We all benefit in being a beginner everyday. . . open minded, ready and willing to see what God has for us. You are so much in that place and I am honored to call you friend. Thanks for sharing here. // Mike

  3. Sheldon McGuire October 13, 2011 at 8:53 am

    Thank you guys for putting this together. Inspirational and so practical. I think I have reviewed the content every day and each day I have been reminded of these powerful principles and inspired to action….to begin. Thanks again.

    • Thank you, Sheldon for your comment. Glad you are on the journey with us. Hope you share your wisdom and experience with all of us as well. I know you have a lot to offer, I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing it first hand. Shane

  4. Once you begin it there is power and passion in it!
    Thanks for your I spiration Mike. Amanda did our logo and she showed me examples of her work and that is how I stumbled upon your blog and website. Very awesome what you are doing! Keep up the great work!

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